Thursday, March 19, 2009

Candyland Themed Mural

It has been over 6 months since I have painted because of my maternity leave. I am so excited to be back. And what a great theme to paint! I have always loved the game Candy Land. I picked up the game to use as inspiration for the mural and now my own children are enjoying it. What a classic!

Here is the start of the mural:

I painted this mural in a playroom for 2 sisters (ages 3 & 6). They got a big kick out of watching me paint. Everytime I added something new, the 3 yr old would run out and tell her mother all about it. I get so much happiness and pride out of being able to make children happy when I paint. A mural is something that can last for many years.

I suggested to the mother to only have the background painted and none of the actual Candyland characters, that way the mural could last a lot longer as the girls grow up. I took many different elements from the game such as the castles, the lollipop flowers, and the paths made out of candy. But I created something unique. I try to never do anything exactly the same as a picture that the client gives me. It is so important to me to make it special and to add my own ideas.

My client was very pleased with the outcome. So, for my first painting job in quite a long time....It was a great success!