Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Created a New Website for Artist Friend in Phoenix

Sheila Eastman of Eastman Art & Painting, LLC is a muralist & faux finisher out of Phoenix, Arizona. She contacted me through an international painter's forum, that we are both involved in, about possibly re-doing her website. I welcomed the challenge and for the past couple weeks we have been working together by phone and email and have come up with a great website that fits the needs of her business.


Please let me know what you think! I may consider doing this on the side, especially now that I have a 3rd baby on the way (and it is something I can do it home). I started this interest, by creating my own website about a year ago. Feel free to check it out. www.surfaceswithpaint.com

Feel free to contact me through my website for a quote on re-doing your art or painting related website.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Stippling in Contemporary Kitchen

Stippling is a very soft finish that can be done in any color. Picking the right colors was quite a challenge because of all the neutral tones already in this room. The cabinets had a pink hue. The tile back splash & floor had taupes, beiges, and even tans. We went through several faux finish samples before we came up with something that would compliment the room instead of compete.

I use a wonderful stippling brush called the Leon Neon. I brush the glaze on with a 2 inch brush and then pat the glaze with the stipple brush, being careful to maintain and even and blended finish. Click here for more info on our main website.

Click here to order the Leon Neon Stippling Brush