Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nautical Themed Border

This hand painted nautical themed border was done for my client's 2 yr old son's bedroom. We worked together and came up with a plan that fit her taste and style of the room. We chose 4 symbols - an anchor, a life preserver, a boat steering wheel, and a sailboat. Each is connected by a gold nautical rope. The hardest part was doing the measuring and making sure that the symbols were evenly spaced on each wall.

We did have one unexpected situation, that I learned my lesson from - the ceiling was painted with flat paint. I did not realize this until the job was done and noticed, in one spot, that my eraser marks were showing. A mural should never be painted on top of flat paint, because any scratch, flaw, or marks will show. So, for those of you Do It Yourselfer's out there - make sure you base paint with an eggshell, pearl, or satin finish paint FIRST. I now have to go back and touch up the areas where the marks are showing. Thank God my client was very patient and cooperative.