Saturday, August 23, 2008

Geometric Frottage Finish

My client had the book Decorative Paint & Faux Finishes by Sunset and she loved the finish that was presented in the book. So, we picked colors that matched the walls in the book and we went from there.

This was the same client that I did the Crackle Finish Kitchen for several years ago. She enjoys bold paint finishes that stand out. She likes to take risks and loves to WOW her family and friends. This bathroom frottage finish definitely does the trick.

I chose to have the trim and doors painted with the base color that I used in the faux finish on the walls. It also matches the beige white color in the sink, counter top, tub, and toilet. The walls pop against the warm tones in the tile floor as well as the dark cherry vanity.

I look forward to taking more pictures when the room is complete. They still need to add the plumbing and lighting fixtures as well as put up the shower curtain, towels, and accessories. That will tie it all together nicely.

I recently posted on my Murals and Faux Blog step by step instructions on how to do the Geometric Frottage Finish. Be sure to check it out.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nautical Themed Border

This hand painted nautical themed border was done for my client's 2 yr old son's bedroom. We worked together and came up with a plan that fit her taste and style of the room. We chose 4 symbols - an anchor, a life preserver, a boat steering wheel, and a sailboat. Each is connected by a gold nautical rope. The hardest part was doing the measuring and making sure that the symbols were evenly spaced on each wall.

We did have one unexpected situation, that I learned my lesson from - the ceiling was painted with flat paint. I did not realize this until the job was done and noticed, in one spot, that my eraser marks were showing. A mural should never be painted on top of flat paint, because any scratch, flaw, or marks will show. So, for those of you Do It Yourselfer's out there - make sure you base paint with an eggshell, pearl, or satin finish paint FIRST. I now have to go back and touch up the areas where the marks are showing. Thank God my client was very patient and cooperative.